the Craftmen are:

Nathan Johnson and Jayson Ramos

the Craftmen

We make handsome, handmade and hand-sewn leather goods. Our process is who we are. There is a story and history in our tools, our materials, our methods and our friendship.

All goods are designed and handcrafted by us, Nathan and Jayson. We only use hand tools and sew all goods by hand, a process that we are proud to have learned through trial and error. Our leather comes from a locally-sourced, family owned and operated tannery in New York. We offer a collection of goods that came from a desire to make simple, honest products that are made to last. From materials that we are also equally proud of.

Heirloom quality, modern design. Since 2009

Thank you for your interest and visiting the Craftmen Shop. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would love to hear from you.

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